Toast… Its Complicated

Making toast. A simple act we can easily carry out, sometimes without a thought. However to say its simple is only a result of a repetitive processes, unintentionally practiced throughout our daily lives. What steps did we have to first learn and go through to get the delicious, crisp toast. We were given the task of listing these steps, assuming we have the bread and toaster out. Here is my list:

  1. Turn the toaster on.
  2. Get the bread out of the sleeve.
  3. Vertically place the toast face towards yourself, into the empty slot.
  4. Correctly set the temperature and timer to preferred settings.
  5. Press on the toasters lever primarily located on one of the sides of the toaster.
  6. Wait until the toast pops up.
  7. Continue to wait 15 seconds, ensuring the toast is safe to touch.
  8. Using your fingers or a set of plastic utensils, bring the toast out and place on a plate.

Feature Image : umbrafox. (2017). Alien Making Toast. Retrieved from



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