Week 2 – Process + Context = Success

The Interactive Design Process

Creating an interactive product does not start on the computer. Rather it starts with pencil and paper. Billver Plank came up with a simple chart, outlining the process in building an interactive piece. There are 3 main sections:


  •  It starts off the a problem or error that is present. starts off with generating the ideas, the problem we are trying to solve.
  • We create an idea, a solution to the problem.


  • The idea takes flight and we go to the metaphor design stage.
  • Leading to the scenario stage where we see how well this idea solves the problem.


  • We start building flow charts, wire-frames, etc to form prototypes. This is the task stage.
  • Which leads to the modeling stage, consisting of building the interactive, taking the prototype and making it come to life.
  • We finally take the interactive to the presentation stage where we take feedback from test and move to the final stage.
  • Through the feedback we manipulate the interactive to better suit the user.

Prototypes are always important and should be constantly given to users to further refine the interactive experience. Methods such as ethnography, focus groups and surveys can be used to get user feedback to improve the design.


When designing an interactive piece we need more then just the raw information. We need to understand what people are trying to achieve, what ways will they try to achieve there goal, what gets in the way and where will they be trying to reach their goal? For example, I want to find out my bank balance at the shops to see if I can afford my groceries. I need to be able to access my bank account, ONLY see my current balance and easy transfer money over if needed.


Although designers always want to start creating, we must first start with researching. Building the foundation blocks first, ensures that the design will be more refined to the target audience. Researching enables designers to easy develop a project by understanding who, what, when, where and why.

Feature Image: wcva. (2017). Research. Retrieved from http://www.wcva.org.uk/what-we-do/research


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