Week 3 – Interactive Design Patterns

Patterns in interactive design have flooded the scene and can be found in almost every well built interactive product. Especially since interactive products are now used on different screen types and devices. Patterns emerge from best practiced methods of interactivity. These can include:

  • The Hamburger Menu – Used to save space and to hold options / menus.
  • Account Registration – Users are more likely to go through a one step process then a multi step process, even if the one step is longer to fill in.
  • Long Scroll – Used to tell a story, flow through content or to navigate a large page like on the Apple Watch.
  • Card Layout – Used to hold content and make it easy to move around depending on screen sizes.
  • Hero Images – A screen sized image attracting users to use the interactive. Less boring as well.
  • Animation – Makes the interactive more entertaining and interactive. Also used in small scale to keep the user interested in the app. (Loading animations)
  • Hover Animations – (NOT FOR MOBILE) Used to help the user decide on whether they want to activate the button for example.
  • Material Design – Simple and focused on


Through trial and error, the industry of interactive design has created patterns or conventions that are now almost always seen in every application. Whether on a mobile device, a laptop or computer, features such as the hamburger menu, account registration, card layout and more are now seen everywhere. Now that users expect these features and understand how to use them, we must take them into consideration when developing an interactive design.


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