About Me

Hi, I am Michael. I am a university student studying a Bachelor of Design specialising in Interactive / App design. Learning to create and develop interactive applications from mobile apps to instructional interactive websites, I cover all subjects related to the topic.

I have always wanted to be creative, but didn’t want to be an artist. I also found a passion in programming, but this never brought my creative side to life at all. Combining both worlds was my goal and in my pursuit of finding a balance of logic and creativity, I came across design. Instinctively I feel into interactive design as it combines my programming side with developing websites using HTML, CSS and JS to my creative side where I look at colour, typography, layout and style.

Currently I work for Touch Creative, a social marketing agency solving complex problems for large organisations such as ING Direct, AMEX, Gumtree and more. Being in the industry is a huge learning curve and is also challenging, refining my skills and creating new ones along the way. I have fallen in love with Photoshop and Illustrator where I now devote most of my time to learn.

About This Blog

I cover all subjects on Interactive design. Looking at instructional design, UX and UI, industry standards, layout and more. Providing not only lecture notes but also class exercises, showing off the skills in a real life situation.


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